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Scarica l’Invito al Convegno

Scarica il Programma del Convegno

First International Meeting of the project in Prague: 12-14/09/2016 # Second International Meeting in Chalkis: 28-29/11/2016 # Third International Meeting in Barcelona: 4-5/02/2018 # And now in Rome: 21-22/06/2018

Following the main recommendations for the development of a common European strategy against bullying, recently summarized by the European Antibullying Network (EAN), “Build future, stop bullying” adopts a school-wide approach, a gender-sensitive and inclusive perspective. It acts to prevent bullying behavior amongst the entire school community, including school staff, teachers, pupils, families, volunteers. It aims to promote the creation of a continuous learning environment, exploiting a transnational approach, a close collaboration and the different methods used by the partners.

In addition to pursuit possibly new policy arrangements, the project is based on education and training as a lever for improving specific competences in the schools. Pupils will learn how to manage posetively the own emotions, promote tolerance and respect between genders, reduce the risks to become victims, recognize bullying and break vicious cycles of harassement and distress.

Thanks to the project a strong partnership of five different countries create a common space for international research and collaboration based on the exchange of good practices in policy, training, and prevention bullying will be presented at the final international conference in Rome in June 2018.