Meeting in Chalkis

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MUTUAL LEARNING MEETING, Chalkis, November 2016

  • Duration: 3 days, 2 nights
  • Language: English
  • First day: (4 hours) welcome, partner description of anti-bullying best practices
  • Second day: (2 hours) continue description of best practices by all partners; (5 hours) debate about international best anti-bullying practices and local situation
  • Third day: (4 hours) planning guide line development and activities.

The meeting aims to gather and to share among partners the own best practices on antibullying policies in order to discuss and organize them in Anti bullying policy Recommendations and Electronic Guidelines. The core of the Meeting Agenda is the policy recommendations and and the sharing of the Best Practices.

Starting from the best practices identified by every partners (own or in their countries), the meeting is proposed to contextualize, to apply, to rise, to enrich policy materials and to define a collect of best practices to introduce and debate local workshops with key stakeholders (WS1).

The meeting is planned at the beginning of the training activities, this date is aimed to verify the start of the activities and the first feedback from school. From the local training activities, the permanent results of the this package is an on-going development of the training methodologies about antibullying prevent and contrast in middle school (WS2).

In this occasion will be collect and discuss the first dissemination material product by each partners and will be plan a campaign; it will be present a draft version of the Anti Bullying Radar software application; it will be define the index of the Electronic Guideline (WS3).