Meeting in Rome

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  • Duration: 2 days, 1 nights
  • Language: Italian/English
  • First day: (4 hours) international conference
  • Second day: (4 hours) final briefing.

 The Final Conference in Rome is the public presentation of the project results and outputs to an international community, in particular the Electronic Guidelines with the description of the experiences and the common proposal about the Antibullying Policy and Training Methodology to prevent and contrast bullying phenomena in middle school. The aims of the conference is not only to describe the project developed in the two years before, but the objectives is to insert the research and the experience developed in an international context starting from the  partners network and stakeholders, in particular the Italian ones.

After the Final Conference the partnership has a private meeting aimed to define a common balance of the project (final briefing), the sustainability of the results and possible future collaborations among partners.