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logo_municipio_roma_i_centro_27_oct_2016_icon Partner: I Municipio Roma Capitale (Italy)

September 2016

From I Municipio’s website:

Primo meeting internazionale del progetto “Build future, Stop bullying”

logocsssp_Reduced_Icon Partner: Centre of Social Services Prague (Czech Republic)

September 2016

Presenting the project among the activities of the Center


You can read the presentation.

Logo Per Formare_Icon Partner: Per Formare (Italy)

September 2016

From Per Formare’s website:

Si è svolto a Praga nei giorni 12-14 settembre 2016 il primo meeting internazionale del progetto “Build future, Stop bullying” finanziato dall’Unione Europea e coordinato dal I Municipio Roma Centro

SCOSSE_Icon Partner: SCOSSE (Italy)

September 2016

From SCOSSE’s website:

Build Future, Stop Bullying: incontro a Praga

Build Future, Stop Bullying: iniziano le lezioni

Al via il progetto “Build future, stop bullying”

“Build future, stop bullying”: il nuovo progetto di Scosse

logocsssp_Reduced_Icon Centre of Social Services Prague (Czech Republic)

July 2015

Centre of Social Services Prague will fight against bullying in schools thanks to European funds!

At the beginning of July 2015, DG Justice of European Commission announced the results of the call Daphne funding transnational projects aimed at children as victims of bullying (call JUST/2014/RDAP/AG/BULL). There were approved only five projects and the Centre of Social Services Prague, which is a long standing member of EUDA Partnership Network, is a partner in one of them.

This call was aimed at developing and implementing anti-bullying policies and practices to tackle the problem in detention and in residential care setting. Total allocation of this call was 1,5 million EUR, one project could receive a grant of 75 000-375 000 EUR. The approved project attended by the Centre of Social Services Prague is called Build Future, Stop Bullying and has a budget of 208 238,80 EUR. In this project are also involved partners from Italy, Spain, Greece and Bulgaria. The main coordinator of the project is the district of Rome 1 (Municipio Roma 1 Centro). Project runs from September 2015 to August 2017.

The role of each partner involved in the project is monitoring and collecting data on bullying, sharing best practice on suppressing the bullying and subsequent dissemination of results and training methods applied to prevent bullying and its spread. Part of the project is also a pilot testing of these methods.

The Centre of Social Services is involved in the following project activities:

  • Exchange of experience and good practice between involved organizations working with children in schools. Its output will be a manual for successful cooperation between prevention centres and schools.
  • Educational activities. The output will be direct actions in school – educational lectures and workshops for teachers, students and parents.
  • Dissemination of results. Its output will be a conference/seminar/lecture for public institutions and it will be used to improve anti-bullying strategy at the national level.

Resource: Press released published by European Development Agency in July 2015.