Training from a shared methodology …

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After discussion of a common methodology among partners, have started in September/October the training activities in the schools.

Despite the necessary flexibility, some points have been agreed among project partners: the students education should be focused on emotional competences (recognize and express emotions), self esteem, interpersonal relationships in classes. The training mode should be “non-formal”, inclusive and based on teamwork.

The WS2 of the project foreseen three training modules one for each diverse target groups in the schools:

  • Module A students (age 12-14, 3 schools each country, 3 classes at each school), 16 hours of training.
  • Module B teachers, 8 hours of training, supervisions and case studies, discussing solutions, improvement of school anti-bullying policies.
  • Module C parents, 6 hours meeting, 1 group at each school