Ajuntament de Castelldefels (ES)

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Castelldefels is a coastal city that has about 61.000 inhabitans and is located 20 minutes from Barcellona. Work issues related to equal opportunities between women and men. Our goal leads us to plan, schedule and prepare project and develop actions aimed at eliminating inequilities that exist between men and women in public life (social, occupational, economic, sports etc.) and private (imbalance in the distribution of tasks of family life, stereotyped roles of father-mother-child girl, etc.) with the following objectives:

  • To promote the participation of women in public life and social sites and access to decision-making.
  • Fight against gender violence.
  • Facilitate the reconciliation of work, family and personal citizenship and promote a balanced distribution of the use of time and tasks of caring for daughters and sons home.
  • Encouraging coeducation and promote cultural production of women.
  • Make visible gender inequalities in all stages of life, taking into account the gender prospective.
  • Prevent homophobia and ensure respect for the dignity and full equal rights for homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals.
  • Encourage the creation of groups of men for equality.

The Town hall Castelldefels contributes in the project activities:

  • Support training with students and teachers in 3 school;
  • Supports activities with families in 3 school.
  • Promote Build Future, Stop Bullying in dissemination activities, through its official and media channel.