Centre of Social Services of Prague (CZ)

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logocsssp_ReducedCentre of Social Services Prague, is a semi-budgetary organization of the Municipality of Prague that runs many professional working compartments providing different types of services for people who are in a difficult  social situation. This organization  offer social therapeutic and medical services, psychological and legal consultancy, temporary accommodation or basic information  service.

The department responsible for the implementation of the project will be the Prague Centre of Primary Prevention of Centre of Social Services Prague. The center specializes in prevention of risky behavior of mostly young persons, but also of adults.

The most  important activities  of the Prevention Centre are the following:

  • Cooperation with schools and other professional organizations and institutions, governmental and  non-governmental sector
  • Methodological support, consultation, supervision and training in different areas of risk behavior
  • Mapping system  of services  in  primary prevention
  • Analysis of risk behaviors in different target groups, which are the basis for developing plans and strategies in the primary prevention of risk behavior in Prague, in this area also cooperate with the Ministry of Education
  • Scientific research activities  in collaboration  with academic

Staff involved in the project

  • Project manager: Markéta Ĉermàkovà
  • Key Expert: Jan Zufnicek
  • Financial manager: Jana Holubovà

School involved in the project activities

  • Základní škola Na Beránku: Pertoldova 3373/51 143 00 Praha 4 – Modřany
  • Základní škola prof. Švejcara: Mráčkova 3090/2, 143 00 Praha 4 – Modřany
  • Základní škola T.G. Masaryka: Modřanská 1375/10a, 143 00 Praha 4 – Modřany