KE.D.D.Y. of Evia (EL)

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KEDDY of EVIA logo

KE.D.D.Y. which is the acronym of Center for Diagnosis and Support of children and youth with disabilities and educational difficulties, it is actually an institution of the Greek Ministry of Education.

KE.D.D.Y. assesses and supports children and youth (ages 4-18) in the providence of Evia since October of 2003. So far the assessment and support team has provided services into approximately 4,900 students and youths.

The therapeutic and evaluation team consists of two psychologists, three social workers, two special education teachers and a sports teacher. Furthermore except the therapists mentioned before, there is a supporting team of other professionals that work on part time through – out the school year.

KE.D.D.Y., has a collaboration with different public service institutions in order to achieve the annua] goals that are set by the Min istry of Education  and the agency    itself.

The specific topics related to projects and tasks of KE.D.D.Y. are the following:

  • Rating Disabilities on I.C.F. protocol
  • Research on  minority groups
  • Supporting socially vulnerable groups
  • Creating protocols and evaluation procedures
  • Review procedures (as an extemal evaluator)
  • Configuration – processing issues of social inclusion policies
  • Innovative Assistive Technology systems utilizing new technologies

Staff involved in the project

  • Project manager: Mr. Pittas Stamatios – Social Worker – BSc – MSc
  • Key Expert: Mr. Karistinos Andreas – Psychologist – BSc. – MSc
  • Financial manager: Prof. Lena Xarcha – BA, MA

School involved in the project activities:

  • 9th secondary school of Chalkis
  • 5th secondary school of Chalkis
  • 21st secondary school of Chalkis