Regional Education Inspectorate Varna (BG)

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Regionalen Inspectorakt po Obrazovanieto – Varna (Regional Education Inspectorate – Varna)

Implements the state educational policy in the territory of the region. Planning, organizing, coordination, supervision, qualification methodological assistance of the educational institutions in Varna and the region. State financing. Head of inspectorate – Mrs Genova. Two departments, “special administration – supervision, Organisation and Methodological Activities” – senior experts: “General Administration – Administrative, Legal, Financial and information Activities” senior and junior experts.

The inspectorate coordinates the interaction between the educational institution, between the schools and the state, regional, governmental and non-governmental organization for implementation of the national strategy for prevention and control of bullying and aggression.

Exchange of our long-standing experience of interaction with teacher and school in the field of curbing bullying and aggression. Sharing good practices in the same field. Sharing of statistical data, presentations on the position on the positive effect of quality education on the prevention of bullying and aggression.