S.CO.S.S.E. (IT)

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SCOSSES.CO.S.S.E. – Communicative Solutions Studies Editorial Service – is a not for profit association, founded 5 years ago by professionals with different experience in education thanks to the support of Parco Scientifico of Roma (Tor Vergata University Spin-Off).

It promotes actions and activities for democracy and equal opportunities, for the prevention of any form of violence and discrimination included bullying, homophobia and transphobia. The association encourages the social activism of local community and meetings between different cultures and differences more generally.

SCOSSE encourages the sentimental education, the promotion of differences and the deconstruction of gender stereotypes since the early childhood. For such reasons the association carries out training project for students in schools and classrooms of all types and all levels and it organizes and it develops professional refreshers courses for teachers in partnership with public and private bodies.

One of the most dynamic project is “La scuola fa differenza” (2014-2016): a triennial training course for more than 200 preschool teachers of 17 kindergarten in Rome, against gender stereotype

Recent publications:
2016 – L’università e il work-life balance. Aspetti culturali, normativi e diversity management, an ebook aimed to promote equal opportunities and labour rights, to support the development of human resources and the conciliation between working and private life

Staff involved in the project

  • Project manager: Monica Pasquino -PhD in Communication and Language Philosophy.
  • Key Expert: Marta Di Cola – PhD in Linguistics, university researcher and school teacher
  • Financial manager: Paola De Nigris Urbani – ISIPM Junior Project Manager

Schools in Rome involved in the project activities

  • Daniele Manin: Via dell’Olmata
  • Ennio Quirino Visconti: Via IV novembre, Via Sant’Agata dei Goti
  • Giovanni XXIII: Viale delle Medaglie d’Oro
  • Luigi Rizzo: Via Luigi Rizzo