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Expected results

  • To improve understanding of bullying and development of a collaborative and common capacity for political action in the countries involved
  • To fill deficits and inadequacies of teachers and school staff to improve the prevention of bullying behavior
  • To improve the school climate and the performance of students
  • To help the development of the personality of each child, enabling them to recognize, express and manage their emotions and feelings and to live positively together with others
  • To increase the sensitivity of families to bullying and discrimination issues
  • To create videos to get better the school environment
  • To implement innovative methods to prevent and combat bullying in middle schools

Type and number of outputs to be produced

  • Electronic guidelines downloadable from the website, sharing good practices and educational methodologies adopted in order to develop efficient methods
  • School policy Recommendation to get better prevention
  • A 4 years’ service of monitoring of school climate: the ICT tool called Bullying Radar
  • Community meetings
  • A final International conference
  • Communication tools: video, photo reportage, online campaigns, website